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creamy sweet ice coffee This is soo yummy and a whole big jug is cheaper then one drink at a coffee shop or one half gallon of it in grocery store and better for you


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How To Make Perfect Iced Coffee

This recipe is quick, easy, budget-friendly, and tastes just like the gourmet coffee-shops, if not better! I received samples of coffee to facilitate this post. This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases When the weather gets warm it is time to switch up that cup of hot coffee with a delicious cup of creamy ice coffee. A glass of smooth cold ice coffee is so refreshing on a hot summer day. It is my favorite way to enjoy coffee. Ice coffee is great for those days that you forgot to make a batch of cold brew coffee. Ice coffee is also the best use of leftover coffee. So when you brew too much coffee, don't toss it, instead, pour it in a pitcher and place it in the fridge. While you are saving the leftover coffee, make sure to fill up an ice cube tray with some, so you will have coffee-flavored ice cubes. The coffee-flavored ice cubes are perfect for ice coffee so you will not have water-down coffee. Ice Coffee for one You can make a large batch of ice coffee or simply make ice coffee for one. Ice coffee stores wonderfully in the fridge for many days but if you forgot to make a large batch of coffee, you can easily brew a cup or two of coffee for the perfect cup of ice coffee. Did you know that you can also make cold brew coffee for one? I Gave Up Coffee For A Week With The #MATI30 Challenge The secret to the best tasting ice coffee The best tasting perfect iced coffee starts with a dark roast coffee. Dark roasted coffee has a rich bold flavor that gives cold iced coffee a flavorful taste. You can use whole bean coffee or ground coffee, the choice is yours. I find that dark coffee holds up great over ice and is flavorful even once the ice starts melting and diluting the coffee. My choice of coffee is always made from 100% select Arabica coffee beans. Iced coffee vs. Cold brew coffee Check out this recipe for Coffee & Chili Rubbed Steak Tip Skewers If you like this recipe, be sure to Pin It on Pinterest! How to make perfect iced coffee For each serving, you’ll need 1 cup cold coffee Large glass or Masson jar Ice cubes Directions Fill a tall glass with ice cubes Pour the cold coffee over the ice cubes Add milk and sweetener to taste Enjoy! Pro Tips You can make the coffee fresh and let it cool down or you can use leftover coffee Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays. Use coffee cubes instead of regular ice cubes to avoid diluting your beverage. Add your favorite milk or plant-based milk to taste, I like my iced coffee creamy so I use 1/4 cup of milk Add sugar or sweetener to taste, my favorite sweetener is Stevia as is all-natural. Everyone knows the best way to enjoy iced coffee is through a straw. Be kind to the environment – buy reusable, dishwasher-safe straws! Check out these fun reusable BPA-free straws! Now it’s time to win summer with Iced Coffee in 5 delightful variations. RECIPE #1: ICED COFFEE LATTE You’ll need 1/2 cup Cold coffee A tall glass 1/2 cup Milk or dairy substitute such as almond milk Ice Sugar or sweetener Directions Fill a glass with ice Add 1/2 cup cold coffee and 1/2 cup milk Sweeten to taste with sugar or sweetener, use Torani flavored syrups for different tastes like caramel Stir well RECIPE #2: FRAPPUCCINO-STYLE ICED COFFEE You’ll need 1 cup Cold coffee A tall glass Milk or plant-based milk Blender Ice Whipped cream Optional: sweetener or flavored coffee syrup Directions Fill a blender with a glass full of ice Add 1 cup cold coffee and 1/2 cup milk (or dairy substitute) Sweeten to your preference or use a flavored coffee syrup to make a vanilla latte, caramel latte, or other classics Blend for 1 minute Pour into a chilled glass Top with whipped cream to taste RECIPE #3: ICED MOCHA You’ll need 1 cup cold coffee A tall glass Chocolate syrup Ice milk or preferred dairy substitute Whipped cream Directions Pour the cold coffee into the glass Stir in chocolate syrup and milk or dairy substitute, leaving space for ice Add ice to the glass until full and stir Top with whipped cream to taste RECIPE #4: VIETNAMESE ICED COFFEE You’ll need 1 cup cold coffee A tall glass 1/4 cup Sweetened condensed milk or coconut cream Ice Directions Fill the glass to the top with ice Slowly pour the cold coffee into the glass Stir in sweetened condensed milk or coconut cream RECIPE #5: THAI ICED COFFEE You’ll need A tall glass 1 cup extra-strong cold coffee, brew the coffee with twice the amount of ground coffee 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk or coconut cream Ground cardamom Ice Directions Fill the glass to the top with ice Slowly pour the strong cold coffee into the glass Stir in your choice of sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, or coconut cream Sweeten to taste Sprinkle with ground cardamom So now that you know how to make a perfect glass of iced coffee, go brew up some coffee, place the coffee in the fridge and once the coffee is cold-make a refreshing glass of iced coffee. If you are not a coffee person or need a change of pace, you could always brew up a batch of cold brew ice tea. Check out my delicious recipe for flavorful Cold Brew Ice Tea


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Sea Salt Iced Coffee

There are a bunch of ways to get nice, cold coffee. There are an abundance of cold brew methods and devices out there now. Many of them will produce some of the tastiest cold coffee. Our go-to is to use about double the amount of coffee grinds, and then make a pot of pour-over coffee directly onto about 1 1/2 cups of ice. However, if needed, it will work just fine to save your leftover hot coffee and let it cool off completely before icing (otherwise you'll get watered down coffee).We love to use simple syrup to sweeten our chilled drinks, and it is something easy to have on hand. Just heat and dissolve together an equal amount of sugar and water. Allow to cool and store in the fridge until ready to use. However with enough stirring (or if you add the sugar while the coffee is hot) you can always just use regular sugar for this recipe.


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